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Bringing Poetry to You

Carol Calkins


 Meet Carol

From a personal tragedy, the loss of a dear friend to breast cancer, I began my journey as a poet and author.

What came to me two days after my friend’s passing was the poem “We Said Goodbye a Thousand Times”; she had received her terminal diagnosis 2 weeks prior and so many friends and family members felt like they didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. Then it was as though the flood gates opened and poems came to me in so many ways and situations until I had hundreds of poems and began creating my books, Bring Poetry to Life, Bring Poetry into Your Life, Bring Poetry to Freedom, Bring Poetry to Spirit, and Bring Poetry to Heart.   

This journey of finding my gift of poetry is detailed in a chapter I wrote in the book, Speaking Your Truth, Volume 2. I live every day open to and observing and listening to whomever and whatever is around me; and this allows me to grasp the deep thoughts and feelings of others, whether they are experiencing wonderful milestones in their lives or tragic times and disappointment. My passion is to create a story, paint a picture, express emotions through words in a manner that everyone can relate to, be inspired by, and feel uplifted when they read.   

A friend encouraged me to create cards of my poems to be placed in greetings cards or used as a daily inspiration. The result is my HeartPoems, a set of 24 beautifully designed poetry cards, a wonderful gift for all seasons. 

After devoting over 40 years toward my management career in healthcare and higher education, I am now enjoying my life filled with fun experiences in beautiful Colorado with my husband Mike, daughter Katrina, son-in-law Ray, and adorable granddaughters Alexxa and Makayla. I’m also involved with a fabulous women’s organization, CampExperience™ Network as the Executive Director of the Global Sisterhood Network™ connecting, educating, and inspiring women while doing philanthropic work in our community and around the world. 

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Words are but pictures of our thoughts
-John Dryden


Image by Debby Hudson

“HeartPoems are a perfect gift idea for any occasion, whether to keep a box and give out as needed and on special occasions to those you love, or to give as a set. Another wonderful creation by Carol.”

Andrea Costantine

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Denver, Colorado

Image by Adam Solomon
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